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Established in 1999, Video-Star Group (GVS) now consists of three subsidiary companies: Guangzhou Video-Star Electronics Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Video-Star Electronics Industrial Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Video-Star Display Co. Ltd.
GVS Group has been devoting itself into providing customers with products and solution of smart city and community with its products and service of CRT/TFT Video Display Module, Video Door Phone Solution, Intelligent Building Control System, data service etc. So far, with its strong R&D force, wide product range and integrating solution for building automation, GVS Group has become one of the most reputable and advanced solution providers.

The group has three subsidiaries:

  • Guangzhou Video-star Electronics Co., Ltd.>>

  • Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp.LTD>>

  • Guangzhou Video-star Display Co., Ltd.>>


Guangzhou Video-starElectronics Co., Ltd.     

Guangzhou Video-star Electronics Co., Ltd is a TFT-LCD display modules professional designer and manufacturer. Established in 1999, it owns a staff of over 500 and a R&D team consists of 80 engineers.
It manufactures products according to the Production and Quality standards such as, ISO9001:2000, ROHS, CE, and others, and grows to be the first to achieve the integration of TFT panel LCD module, CCD / CMOS module design and production. Meanwhile, it has accumulated hundreds of well-known international brand partners in the past 15 years.

We make all efforts to provide the most competitive video intercom display modules and services for worldwide business partners!

Guangzhou Video-star Intelligent Corp. LTD

Guangzhou Video-start Intelligent Co., Ltd. (stock code: 870976) was founded in 1999, is the first to have the wisdom of security, one of the core product development, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated business intelligence construction sector, is a national high-tech enterprises.
In 2018, the company has used its understanding of the business logic of industry, life scenes and professional fields for many years, relying on the core technology and experience to precipitate and accumulate. The core products and solutions for the smart healthcare and pension industries with the goal of “building, improving and improving” are clearly proposed.
At the same time, the company has completed the construction of the big data, cloud and light artificial intelligence team and the research and development of core products in the main channel of the business consisting of smart security, smart building, smart medical care and old-age care. The ability of the station-based IoT technology platform service is committed to becoming the leading provider of IoT solutions for smart life industries.

Guangzhou Video-star Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013, it is a diversified high-tech enterprise, focused on integrating the research and development, design, production and sales of LCD modules (TN, TFTLCM) and all kinds of liquid crystal displays. Its products are widely used in security monitoring, automotive displays, learning machine, and industrial control, electronic digital and other fields. It can undertake design and development and manufacturing of 1.5 "~ 12" LCD modules.

  Based on the 15 years’ experience in electronics and security, driven by its advanced technology and excellent talents, it runs fast with 300% annual growth rate, and the products sell well in European, American and Middle East markets.

Depending on the group was founded in 1999, Hong Kong's sound with guangzhou electronic technology co., LTD., guangzhou sound electronic industrial co., LTD., guangzhou sound and light co., LTD. Group to force in the intelligent building control system to provide clients with professional solutions and products, the products cover the CRT/TFT video display module, intelligent building control system, TFT LCD industry, has now become a intelligent building and most powerful manufacturers and security industry products integrated solution provider, to provide customers with the most cost-effective solutions and one-stop product procurement services.

Depending on the group since its inception, product line from the initial visual intercom, video display module to the intelligent control system and of TFT LCD screen, always clear their own intelligent homes, building products and solutions provider of industry positioning, enrich the product line according to the market demand, in the research and development of intelligent home control system and products, and pay attention to the international technical standards, as the first to introduce European KNX technology of Chinese enterprises, focus on KNX products research and development manufacturing six years, is the strongest comprehensive strength domestic KNX products manufacturing enterprises, in addition, in the field of international KNX technology has an important industry status, is the member of KNX international manufacturers, KNX association member, China and the European headquarters established the first authorized training center of Chinese enterprises.

Depending on the acoustic group always adhere to the independent research and development and product innovation, and owns 66 patents and copyright, software copyright 24, 29 master KNX technology and related core technology, and identity in a number of authoritative industry standard makers laid a bellwether industry status.

1, launched IEEE1888.4 "green intelligent household and community control network protocol standard" the President of the international standard and the standard units.

2, participate in international standards ISO/IEC 14543-3 (the European standard EN 50090) into the national standard of the control network HBES specification - housing and building control system (GB/T 20965-2013).

3, the drafting of national standard "building automation and control system data communication protocol (GB/T 28847).

After 15 years of efforts and precipitation, depending on the group in the domestic provinces and cities have established distribution, agents, sales system, not only that, depending on the sound in KNX technology but also as a national brand with international giants, products with reliable quality, cost-effective, quality service, the industry of establishing a good reputation, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia, Australia and other places, the marketing network all over the world. Depending on the acoustic group at the same time with many famous developers and visible interphone manufacturers, system integrators to establish strategic cooperative relations, is committed to become the most valuable brands.