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KNX/RS485 Converter Uni/Bi-directional


· Support predefined serial port communication capacity

· Support target value of arbitrary length writing function   
· Support up to 256 messages convert from RS485 to KNX/EIB

· Open RS485 protocol communicaiton interface
· Transparent transfer of message

· Support preset serial commmunication protocol


RS232 to KNX Converter


· Up to 64 serial port control command, the command length   for 64 bytes

· Two standard serial ports with three wires, nonsupport flow   control
· The two serial ports are independent, and their baud rate,       stop bits and parity can be programmed
· Each serial port can set up to 11 baud rates at a time, and       each baud rate has its own communication object
· Via the object of the baud rate trigger the control                   command sent to the device with serial port


 IP to KNX Converter


· Support TCP/IP protocol, work in TCP server mode

· Pellucidly transfer all the telegrams
· Support up to10 TCP connections at the same time
· Send the TCP telegram to the KNX/EIB system, control the     KNX device
· Monitor the KNX telegram, send them to all the clients           connected

· Read respond telegram will send to the initiator only

· To read and write any data type defined in the KNX                 standard


 RS485 to KNX Converter


· Open communication protocols for the RS485 interface

· To receive and send communication telegram in                     accordance with preformatted   
· For converting the telegram from the 485 bus to the               KNX/EIB telegram, and sending to the KNX/EIB system, to       control the KNX devices
· ACK report and executed result report
· Support bus monitor and filter functions (the filter table         can be modified arbitrarily. Max. Number of group address     is 254 in the table.)

· The baud rate of the convertor can be programmed

· To read and write any data type defined in the KNX                 standard (Max. 14 byte)


   KNX DALI Gateway


    · Switching: ON or OFF according to the preset value

    · Dimming: dimmer depending on the step
    · Scene: you can set 16 scenes, each scene can be                       configured to different brightness values
    · Grouping: can be assigned up to 16 different groups
    · Threshold: can configure the minimum and maximum             brightness values

    · Status response