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1. Targeted Audience

Building services engineers and building services contractors, electrical professional engineer, weak integrators, intelligent systems integrators, site installation technicians, end users, system sales, property management, supervision engineers engaged in intelligent building design, construction, supervision and other related management and technical personnel, who are interested and those who want to engage in related industries.

2. What you will learn

The training includes theoretical learning and practical operation, mainly includes: KNX technology- Basic (topology, communication protocols, bus equipment, etc.); basic operation of the ETS software, commissioning, diagnostics; hardware installation, troubleshooting and so on.

3. Schedule

Day 1:Basic knowledge for KNX technology (topology, communication protocols, bus equipment, etc.)

Day 2: Project Design ETS5: Basic (Theoretical)

Day 3: Project Design ETS5: Basic (Practical)

Day 4: Design with ETS: Advanced and ETS5 Diagnostics, etc.

Day 5: Exam